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Fan confidence poll: Giants fans are, obviously, not feeling very good

Our latest poll results are predictable, but not encouraging

As the New York Giants’ 2021 NFL season continues to sink into irrelevance, the confidence of the fan base in the team’s direction is falling with it. Only 12 percent of those who voted in our latest ‘SB Nation Reacts’ fan poll believe that the Giants are headed in the right direction.

Where the 4-8 Giants are headed is to a fifth straight without making the playoffs, and probably a fifth straight season that will include double-digit losses.

They are headed toward a search for a new general manager, with Dave Gettleman not expected back for a fifth season.

They could be headed toward serious changes on the roster and some adjustments to Joe Judge’s coaching staff. Assuming, of course that Judge himself returns for a third season as head coach.

In the short term, this week the Giants are headed to California for a game against the 7-5 Los Angeles Chargers. They are double-digit underdogs and could be using Jake Fromm, who has been with the team less than two weeks and has never played a snap in the NFL, at quarterback.

With all of that in mind, it is understandable that there is little current confidence in the Giants.