Can we really judge Daniel Jones with the current state of the OL?

I've seen some fans question whether Jones can be our future QB but how can we possibly judge him with this offensive line. Not saying that PFF is the authority on players but according to their stats the Giants have 1 starting OL with a rating above 60, Thomas. The only other lineman with significant snaps rated above 60 is Peart not a starter. In contrast the Jets OL only has 1 player on their starting OL below 60 and the Jaguars also have only 1 starting OL rated under 60! So as we all have seen with our own eyes Jones is running for his life when he drops back and no blocking in the run game eliminating play action, he needs an OL and his weapons, at least 2 of them to stay healthy, then we can discuss whether or not he can be our QB of the future.

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