Answering Ed’s 7 questions: Eagles game

Ed asked 7 questions that the Giants need to answer for final 7 games, each week I am going to give my answers.

1) Joe Judge has things to prove? Did he? No! Judge plays to let the other team mess up and lose the game. That works out sometimes, but good teams win games, and bad teams - like the Eagles- can gift you a couple. Judge has not learned much. He did make one 4th down call, but that only led to 3 points and it was another up the middle run ( this time Jones). Still too conservative,

2) Gettleman. An unimpressive win, but a win, is not going to move the needle much here.

3) is DJ the answer? I think the answer of whether DJ is a trailer or a tractor remains a trailer. His throws to Galloway in end zone we’re not good, and he made some plays but didn’t drag the Giants to victory. The answer remains he is a middle of the road QB, nothing more. A decent player.

4) is Barkley BARKLEY? Sadly no. He made a few plays, but he was certainly not spectacular. Another decent player but not a superstar,

5) Is Pat Graham back? Good game plan. Tried to make Hurts win the game with his arm, and he couldn’t do it. For this week, against a poor throwing QB, he had a good plan. Doesn’t make the defense special.

6) young players? Solder still starting so that is frustrating. Robinson got a chance, seemed to get beat a lot, but guys dropped passes. At least he was around the ball I guess, Ojulari made some plays. Mixed results here.

7) is Freddie Kitchens going to make a difference? Looks like a big no. Same old Giants offense with a new label.

That gives me 5 no’s to our questions, 1 ok, and 1 incomplete. A victory, but not the answers we need.

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