Mock draft with a couple of trades while I wait for the game to start

So I decided to run a mock draft while I wait on the game to start. There were a couple of trades which I'll explain at the pick, and it's kind of me just trying to get this team to how I think Judge wants it. If you want to know, look at the Patriots, and you'll get your answer. So here's the draft.

1) Ikem Ekwonu, OL, NC State- I list him as OL because he can play every OL spot but center, but in all likelihood, he will be our RT, maybe our LT, but I'm very comfortable with Thomas at LT and see Thomas as a star. So we will now have an elite pair of starting tackles.

1) Devin Lloyd, ILB, Utah- So this was the first trade down, the Steelers wanted to move up for a QB, so with a swap from 7 to 18, I picked up an extra 2nd and next years 1st round pick from them, and while I don't expect the Steelers to be as bad as the Bears, an extra first is an extra first, and it's a great asset to have for a potential trade up for a talent like Bryce Young should we be in the QB market. Now onto Lloyd himself. It's about time the beezers got their guy, and what a guy. Lloyd is a better Blake Martinez, to be mild. He has elite processing speed and instincts, combined with elite closing speed, athleticism and quickness. He may not be Devin White or Roquan Smith, being this physical freak, but Devin Lloyd is going to be a star in this league, and a long term fixture for an elite defense.

2) Jermaine Johnson, EDGE, FSU- We need a front man at EDGE, and in 7 games Johnson put up 6.5. What more, he's a leader, very mature, and has all the measurables. We might be talking about a top 15 pick come draft time if I'm being honest with you. But in the 2nd round? A slam dunk.

2) Sean Rhyan, OL, UCLA- the fruits of that trade down are paying off quick. I add more talent to the OL with another versatile piece. The competition in the OL room is getting deep, and Rhyan brings an ability to play very well across the line with him.

3) Isaiah Spiller, RB, Texas A&M- My plan is coming together. Like I said, Judge wants this team to look like the Patriots. The Patriots have a strong and physical offense. I addressed the OL end of that very well. Spiller has the talent to be a lead RB. Now yes we have Barkley, but I don't see Barkley here beyond next season, and he's usually good to miss around 3 games minimum. So this gets some very fresh legs in the room. Spiller has great vision, and an ability to avoid early contact. He needs growth as a receiver, and doesn't have Barkley's game breaking athleticism, but his instincts are amazing and he has the potential to be a very good lead back.

3) Jeremy Rucket, TE, OSU- You guys see Hunter Henry right? Ruckert can be that for us. A reliable dual threat TE, that we can move around and he will do some damage. Not to mention ultra reliable hands.

4) Josh Jobe, CB, Alabama- TBH, I didn't take Jobe to be a CB. He's very physical and in the NFL that can lead to a lot of DPIs. But I do want to convert him to safety. He has some good pass coverage ability, and he is PHYSICAL. He tackles like a linebacker. Put him at safety with McKinney long term and we got something brewing.

4) Phil Jurkovec, QB, Boston College- I traded up from one of our 5th round picks with the Saints, while swapping 6th round picks as well. Did so for Jurkovec, who along with Desmond Ridder is one of my favorite QB prospects in the class. Now Jurkovec may go back to school, as he has missed a chunk of this season with injury, but he has gotten back and has gotten some time to play and he's been nice, Wake Forest not withstanding. Jurkovec needs some development, but I love his potential. Also won't be shocked to see him go back to school.

5) Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame- Patterson gets some day 2 hype, so not sure if he's here, but he'd be a great pickup. He can compete with Gates for the Center position, and adds to the deep competition that is brewing on the OL from this mock draft.

6) Quay Walker, LB, Georgia- Not much to talk about here. Just a guy who can be a core ST player.

7) Jeremiah Gannell, LB, North Carolina- See Walker

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