Judge has to become More Like Grant

The inability to analysis is so prevalent in these blog site that the writers should be banded from opening their mouths in public. I have spent the last 48 years of my life in NASCAR. Coach, Joe Gibbs tells me that if I analysis NFL players like I do team members in NASCAR I have the foresight to pick quality as the treaties are the same. So, I will take the word of an NFL Hall of Fame Coach over a blog writer any day of the week. Coach told me if he were starting a team in the NFL today and could take any quarterback to build the team around it would be Daniel Jones.

Jones is not the problem; the supporting cast is the problem. According to Coach the game against New Orleans is how the offence must be run with the current players the Giants have, especially Jones and Berkley. Gibbs says their skill sets are perfect for the wide-open NFL, but not for the 1980’s version the Giants are trying to stick with. Gibbs states that both Jones and Berkley are at their most dangerous when the field is spread. In fact, Coach says most of the Giants play makers have open field skill sets. Toney, Engram, Slaton, Golladay all are at their best in the open field. The question according to Coach is way would you use a 1980’s offences when none of your skill players are Mark Bávaro, Art Monk or John Riggins? That is Giants problem on Offences. Coach said give Bill Parcells the current Giants roster and he would score 40 points a game.

Then we spoke about the Giants defense. He does not believe in Patrick Graham. He does not feel that Graham learned anything under the Parcells system that Belichick employees. If you are old enough to remember Parcells, you will remember that he had a saying the prevent defense prevented the win. Last Monday Graham was running a prevent defense all night. Parcells tough Belichick another saying the best secondary is a blitzes, because when you put the quarterback on his ass, he cannot complete the pass.

Sitting back deep the way Graham did made his defense more venerable to long drives that picked up 10 yards a clip. Football is like war you must be on the attack at all times. As Robert E. Lee proved in the Civil War an attacking army can beat a superior force every time. It was not until Grant became the overall Commander of the US Military that the North turn the tide on the South. The reason was Grant never was off the attack, he never retreated he just kept moving forward. The Giants defense is never on the attack, Graham runs it like all the other Northern General before Grant set back and wait to get your ass kick because you are afraid to get your ass kicked, you get your ass kicked.

Just look at the Giants losses for the last ten years that exactly what happen. It will continue to happen as long as the Giants do not have Ulysses Sam Grant as the commanding General. If you look at Giants Football from 1960 to today the only time, they were consistently completive was when they had Ulysses Sam Grant, who’s name was Duane Charles "Bill" Parcells 1981-1990. Judge wants to use what he learned from Belichick he should study the man who design the system right where he is at with the New York Football Giants.

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