Do you or don't you

I did a mock draft this morning on Fanspeak and Neal fell to me at #5. I then made a decision to trade #6 to Pittsburgh for 1-18, 2-18, 3-18, 3-33, 5-35 and 6-30. First question is do you trade #6 or go BPA? With the 18th pick I was lucky enough to get Kenyan Greene at G. I am watching the board waiting for someone to pick Linderbaum and he gets by passed at 23, 24, 25. Detroit has the 26th pick via trade and I offer a future two and 3-33 and they decline. I upped it to a two and future two and they still declined. I then offered a future 1 and a future 4 figuring they would decline because Linderbaum was their guy and they accepted. Second question is do you make the trade (or any trade) to move back into the first and get Linderbaum? I got Neal, Greene, and Linderbaum in the first round and then followed it up with the following:

2-5 LB Dean

2-18 DE Enagbare

3-5 RB Spiller (Thanks Clay for bringing him to my attention)

3-9 DL Garrett

3-18 TE Ruckert

4-6 LB Overshawn

4-35 S Richardson

4-36 DL Lole

5-5 WR Fryfogle

5-27 LB/Edge Wilson

5-35 CB Gilmore

6-5 TE Turner

6-30 G Miranda

I like the draft as the rest of it plugs some holes and provides a lot of depth. The main question going into the draft is who is our QB? Is it Jones or is it someone not on our roster yet? That is a major decision that has to be made prior to even contemplating a strategy such as this. It leaves us vulnerable if we decide Jones is our guy and he fails miserably next year as I am sure the 1st round pick would be the next year's #1.

I feel that by employing this scenario, it allows us to have a solid OL and an emerging D around the QB whomever it may be, gets a replacement for Barkley so we don't pay an astronomical price for a second contract. We could compete as early as next year if Jones proves he is capable. It's a lot to ask of three rookies to start on the OL but these are all the #1 players at their positions and should be up to the task. I know I will get a ton of grief giving up a #1, especially when it isn't for a QB but I think the first thing we need to do is get the trenches fixed, and this draft goes a long way towards doing that. If Barkley can run behind this new line. and we play Spiller behind him and he gets some experience, maybe we can recoup the #1 or a combination of picks at next year's trade deadline.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to see your different opinions and how you would go about fixing this team.

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