Daniel Jones in the new era of the moving quarterback.

The first moving pocket quarterback that I saw was Fran Tarkenton when he came to the Giants as I was used to Charley Conerly who never strayed from the pocket, and Tarkenton changed the way football was played for me. I think the second change came with Lamar Jackson as a quarterback who could be a running back, a pocket passer and could throw on the run; the Ravens got rid of their quarterback, Joe Flacco, who got them a ring because they wanted to enter this new era of quarterback play. My question is where does Daniel Jones fit into this change in offensive football?

i think given time, Jones could be a good pocket passer and could use his legs to gain some yards, but I think that he may not do that well in a moving pocket. I have compared him to Ryan Tannehill who once he got Derrick Henry and an offensive line to open holes and protect him, he blossomed in Tennessee unlike Miami. So, the handwriting is on the wall as Jones has Barclay and both need the draft to give them a line of offensive power.

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