BBV pick em week 12… Hoo-ah.


Happy Thanksgiving week pick em peeps. Another week of random assed games have wreaked havoc with everyone's scores and ruined Pugs' chance of a perfect score. Top score of the week of 11 to Facts, Pugs and ST. Low score of the week to OT10 with a score of 7. Lots of 8s and 9s this week. ST takes the lead this week, especially with LTL being docked 10 points as a penalty for my inability to add. But there is a solid trail of followers behind ST, all within striking distance of the prize. As an aside, I went back to the corresponding week last year to see the score range. Leading score was 111 and 92 bringing up the tail. I thought there were more curly games this season leading to harder to pick games. Either that or we were just better pickers last year.


106 - ST 11
105 - Facts 11
103 - Pugs 11, afan 10
102 - Z 9, Tark 10, win 10
101 - Face 9
100 - Brady 10, Dimes 9, GF70 8, PP 10, tdj 9
99 - Clay 10,
98 - pj 8
97 - Doc 8
95 - RGV 8, npt 9, LTL 9,
94 - OT10 7, j-man 8
93 - Kölner 10
88 - Beorn 8, Salsa 8, AG 9 (that's right. Sup b!+ches)


Week 12;

Bears at Lions (Th)
Raiders at Cowboys (Th)
Bills at Saints (Th)
Buccs at Colts
Jets at Texans
Eagles at Giants
Panthers at Phins
Titans at Pats
Steelers at Bengals
Falcons at Jags
Chargers at Broncos
Rams at Packers
Vikes at 49ers
Browns at Ravens
Seahawks at WFT (M)

As usual, check your scores, get your picks in, have a good week and be safe if you're travelling.


It's a thin stretch for a thanksgiving movie, I know.

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