Taking a peak at New York's 2022 1st Round Draft Pick from the Chicago Bears

In a Sunday without Giants football I thought it might be fun to look at the Giant's 2022 1st round picks and where they might end up. As of this week the Giants hold the #6 (from Chicago Bears) and their own #7 overall pick. While we should hope to see progress and a few more W's from the Giants over the 2nd half of the season, let's focus on the 2022 first round pick they will receive from the Chicago Bears.

The current draft order is:

#1 Detroit (0-8-1)

#2 Houston (1-8)

#3 Jacksonville (2-7)

#4 New York Jets (2-7)

#5 Philadelphia, from Miami (3-7)

#6 New York Giants, From Chicago (3-6)

Houston and Detroit are likely entrenched in the #1 and #2 spots. The Jets, Dolphins and Jaguars all have opportunities throughout the remainder of the season to earn some W's, including 3 games where they are matched against one another. Additionally, Miami should improve with Tua Tagovailoa's return from injury. In order for the Giant's #6 pick to improve those teams will need a couple wins and Chicago will need to rack up some more losses. Chicago has some difficult games ahead:

11/21 (Today) Ravens (6-3) @ Bears

11/25 Chicago @ Detroit (0-8-1)

12/5 Arizona (8-2) @ Chicago

12/12 Chicago @ Green Bay (8-2)

12/20 Minnesota (4-5) @ Chicago

12/26 Chicago @ Seattle (3-6)

1/2 NY Giants (3-6) @ Chicago

1/9 Chicago @ Minnesota (4-5)

There are certainly some winnable games for Chicago, including matches with Detroit, NYG, and Minnesota x2. The optimist in me sees opportunity for losses in these games:

Detroit has been scrappy and that match comes with only 4 days of rest which can add to the unpredictability of outcome.

Minnesota has tended to keep games close, and has a 4-5 record against a murderer's row of teams that are mostly projected to go to the playoffs.

Seattle has Russel Wilson back from injury, and should finish out the year strong.

The Giant's January 2nd match would be really nice to see a victory and solidify that first round pick in the #3 slot.

Go Giants!

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