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Grilled over Ruggs tweet, Giants’ Kadarius Toney defends himself

Toney: “How could you regret having empathy for both sides? I don’t really get it.”

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Kadarius Toney on Wednesday defended his tweet last week about the Henry Ruggs’ situation in which the New York Giants rookie said it was “goofy” how people were slamming Ruggs for allegedly causing the fatal accident.

Toney was asked if he regretted the tweet.

“Like I said, pray for the families involved,” Toney said. “How could you regret having empathy for both sides? I don’t really get it.”

Ruggs, formerly of the Las Vegas Raiders, is facing four felony charges after a fatal accident that saw Ruggs’ Chevrolet Corvette slam into a car driven by Tina Tintor, killing Tintor and her dog.

Per law enforcement, Ruggs was driving 156 mph and at .161 was twice over the legal limit for blood-alcohol level while driving.

Here is what the 22-year-old Toney, seeming trying to show support for both sides, tweeted:

“We young…..everybody make mistakes….y’all lookin at the situation like “this or that” kuz it ain’t y’all…having so much too say....he know he messed up don’t drag em for it……that’s goofy to me….just pray for the families involved.”

Toney’s support of Ruggs has drawn criticism. It also led Giants’ head coach Joe Judge to defend Toney last week.

Toney had what appears to be a testy exchange with media regarding the tweet.

Here are all of the questions Toney was asked about the tweet, and his usage of social media:

Q: Just going back to the tweet you posted about (Former Raiders Wide Receiver) Henry Ruggs, why did you think it was, ‘goofy,’ for people to publicly criticize someone who drove 150 miles per hour and killed somebody?

A: Like I said, pray for the families involved.

Q: Is there anything you want to clarify about your tweet or your intentions behind it?

A: Pray for the families. That was clearly stated in there. I don’t know how everything else came about. Take it how you want it.

Q: You said you thought it was, ‘goofy,’ that people were publicly criticizing Henry. Why did you think that?

A: Were they praying for the families? You’re making all these faces. What do you mean?

Q: You wrote that it was, ‘goofy’ that people were publicly criticizing someone who drove 150 miles per hour and killed somebody.

A: Like I just said, pray for the families involved. Why are you drilling the same question? I’m not going to answer that.

Here is more:

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) said he talked to you about the tweet the other day and it was the second time that something you said kind of drew attention from the outside…

A: I mean, there’s going to be attention anyway just because of who I am, I guess, with anything I say.

Q: What have you learned from that? What was his message to you and what have you learned from the attention that you’re in a bigger platform now that when you do say these things, people do recognize? So, do you approach it differently? Do you have to handle it differently? What have you learned in that regard?

A: Really from Joe, it’s more so what you’ve got to say, and mean what you say. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to go back and clarify anything that you say, which I’m not doing here.

Q: You said because of who you are, is that because you mean because you’re a first round pick playing in New York or have you always –

A: No, I mean everybody in the NFL gets the same attention I get. No matter what we post, no matter what we do, no matter – so, it’s not specific to me. (It’s) not individual, it’s everybody at the end of the day.