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Giants vs. Cowboys picks: BBV staff split on chance for upset

Three of six contributors are picking the Giants to win in Dallas

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Can the 1-3 New York Giants, 7-point underdogs per DraftKings Sportsbook, go on the road Sunday and upset the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys?

Three of six Big Blue View contributors making picks have chosen the Giants in an upset that would make them a factor in the NFC East despite their 0-3 start.

Here are the explanations for a couple of the picks.

Chris Pflum:

“It’s always tough for me to pick the Cowboys over the Giants, and New York is coming off of a win. However, I’m still not going to pick them until they show me that they can consistently win games. The win over New Orleans was nice, but it was also a game they absolutely should have lost — and would have gotten blown out of if the Saints had taken advantage of their (many) opportunities.”

Emily Ianaconni:

“This is a bold, perhaps ridiculous, pick by an ever-hopeful Giants fan. On paper, New York does not appear to have what it takes to win this game. The Giants are coming off of their best performance of the season against the NewOrleans Saints but the Cowboys have an elite offense and more than mediocre defense that will likely be difficult for the Giants to overcome ... I am picking the Giants because I think this is a make-or-break game for them ...”

Jeremy Portnoy:

“Last week’s win against New Orleans prevented a dumpster fire, but the Giants still aren’t ready to compete with the NFL’s elite. The Cowboys are playing surprisingly competent defense (16th in points per game) and are built to win shootouts, which this game almost certainly will be.”

Valentine’s View:

“I shouldn’t do this. But, hey, I’ve been critical of Joe Judge all season for being too conservative. So, I am going to be bold and call for the upset. I haven’t gotten a Giants game right this year, though, so don’t bet your money based on my opinion.”