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Giants vs. Chiefs: ‘5 questions’ about the Chiefs and their “struggles”

We chat with SB Nation’s Arrowhead Pride ahead of Monday night’s game vs. Kansas City

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

With the New York Giants facing the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, our Week 8 ‘5 questions’ segment is with Tom Childs of SB Nation’s Arrowhead Pride. Let’s get to it.

Ed: It’s fairly obvious turnovers and poor defense have been the main reasons why the Chiefs haven’t played to their standards so far. What are the root causes of those issues?

Tom: Your guess is as good as mine in all honesty. Never did I think this would be the way the season would end up playing out. While the defense resembles one that has played in years past, the offense has been completely unrecognizable. Offensively the team has lost its’ way. Instead of making it look easy and taking what defenses give them, it appears that the Chiefs are laboring the ball down the field. They’ll do well to get back to basics for a couple of games before trying to unleash the big play offense once more.

Unfortunately, I think the defense is a lost cause.

Ed: Everyone was aware of Trey Smith’s medical issues pre-draft. It’s why he was available in Round 6. There are Giants fans who are still upset it wasn’t the Giants, who could have used him, that took the plunge and drafted him. I know he is starting. How well is he really playing?

Tom: Not to rub it in but he has been really good - like really, really good. For all of the Chiefs struggles, the interior offensive line has been phenomenal. His aggressiveness and tenacity is something that has been missing from the Chiefs interior for a very long time. Not only that but the Chiefs also acquired a stud center in Creed Humphrey, too, leaving them set up for years. We fully accept that we got two steals there.

Ed: If you could take one player off the Giants’ roster and add him to the Chiefs’ line-up, who would it be? Why?

Tom: While I would love to take Kenny Golladay, I simply cannot ignore the Chiefs defense otherwise Chiefs Twitter may actually kill me. The pass defense against the Titans was pitiful, especially the corner back play as A.J. Brown had his way in the first half. Because of this I would say James Bradberry. I’m a big fan of his and I believe he possess the skills that would certainly improve the Chiefs’ cornerback play. Whether or not it would be enough to improve the overall outlook of the Chiefs defense I am not sure.

Ed: DeAndre Baker got cut by the Giants after one season following the whole legal mess he was involved in. The Chiefs gave him a second chance. What is he doing with it?

Tom: I was a HUGE Baker fan coming out of Georgia - to the point when I wanted the Chiefs to take him the first round. With Baker, I feel like we are going to need some patience. Coming off a pretty bad injury last year, it may be a while until we see what he can truly offer the Chiefs. But then again, with the Chiefs cornerbacks consistently having problems with talented receivers then it can’t be great for his long term outlook if he can’t get on the field now.

Ed: If the Chiefs play like the Chiefs of the past couple of seasons, they are going to win this game. If the Giants are going to pull off the upset, what is that going to look like?

Tom: The Chiefs will look like the Chiefs of this season. Yes, at times the Chiefs have looked like their old selves this season, but in general it has been flat out bad. I’ve said this every week but if the Giants can be patient on defense and aggressive on offense then the Giants certainly stand a chance. If they do manage to win, then the reaction in Kansas City will be apocalyptic.