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Giants news, 10/29: Jabrill Peppers, Kadarius Toney, more

New York Giants headlines for Friday

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NFL: OCT 03 Giants at Saints Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

“Engram seems obvious. Now the one thing I would say about the Giants, there are teams that need receivers. They have some who are not expensive. You know, Darius Slayton would make sense to me. They have guys they invested in. They have Sterling Shepard, who they do like, is a little more expensive and I think they would like to keep around. Obviously they have (Kenny) Golladay. They have Kadarius Toney, who when healthy, and I think he should play this week, when healthy, is really, really good. Slayton is the one who makes sense and would help someone and is cheap.”

How the Giants rated Patrick Mahomes in 2017 NFL Draft

Looks like Ben McAdoo got at least one thing right.

Giants’ Logan Ryan attributes Jabrill Peppers’ injury to artificial turf: ‘It’s just not best for a player’s safety’

“It sucks, man. It really sucks. I feel like we were just finding a groove of all playing together this year. That’s a great kid with a great heart,” Ryan said. “He loves football. He does whatever the team asks him to do. He probably had his best game and, it might be a topic for another conversation, but we’ve really got to talk about these turf fields, man. It’s just not best for a player’s safety. It’s too many lower body injuries and it’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate going into a contract year. It just breaks your heart, so it’s tough. It’s going to be really tough to replace his energy.

“We’ll miss him, but it’s just too many lower-body injuries on turf. The discrepancy is way too high and it’s taking guys earnings away, their earning ability away, when you miss a season because your ankle can’t get out of the turf or your knee can’t get out of the turf. So, it’s unfortunate.”

Is Kadarius Toney an option to return kicks for Giants?

(John) Ross will likely be doing mostly kick returns, (special teams coach Thomas) McGaughey said, but he did mention another possible name on punt detail: Kadarius Toney.

“Depends on how KT is feeling, he could be back there,” McGaughey said. “You can’t draft a guy and say he’s got great ability, but you can’t put him on returns because he’s made out of glass. He’s a football player. He’s hard to bring down and he’s a threat, like the Tyreek Hills of the world; they have coaches up at night trying to figure out how to stop the threat.”

All In NY Giants podcast with Daniel Jones, Giants vs. Chiefs preview

Matt Peart Embracing Chance to Prove He’s Starter Material

In case you missed it

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