Is Daniel Jones THE guy ?

Assuming the giants end up with 2 top 10 picks I think its fair to assume they could have their pick of the litter of players when the draft rolls around. So it leads to the obvious question of do you roll with Jones or move on?

I'm a bit biased. Ever since he got booed at a knicks game after being drafted by the Giants and didn't even flinch I became a fan. I will say early in the year I wasn't sure what I would do but as this year goes on I feel pretty good about what i would do. The one hang up I had with Jones is I wasnt sure if he made those around him better. I think Eli never got enough credit for that. Steve Smith is the perfect example. He had a few very good years, left via free agency never to be heard of again. I think Jones is starting to show some of that ability. Granted he doesnt have the offensive line Eli did but what if he did? Would it be surprising to see him produce similar results. I think I have seen enough to think he could. If I were GM I'd take my chances rolling with Daniel Jones.

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