Sterling Shepard in season trade poll

Certainly trading Shepard would come with some backlash from the fan base and locker room given that when healthy Shepard is a good player who is a high quality character guy. You honestly don't want to be in a position to have to be thinking about trading guys like that away, but Getty has to be having a serious conversation with himself about that very possibility. Although his position is better than say if Shepard was demanding out. However, with Toney, Slayton, Pettis, Ross, Johnson, and Sills all on the roster alongside KG, Shepard is in my opinion without a doubt available. Now the Giants are not in a position where they must trade Shepard just because they have young unproven guys on the roster so you don't give him away by any means. However, if you could say flip him for a piece on the offensive line that can both help your bleak wc hopes (only 1.5 games back with 10 to go lol) and your future teams o-line you have to explore it. With that in mind I have a little poll question about trade possibilities. If you're the GM and these are the 5 offers on the table, what's your decision?

Trade A:
Sterling Shepard to Buffalo for Cody Ford and a 2023 3rd round pick.
Buffalo may not seem like the most likely of potential destinations because they like their top 4 WR, but Beane is the second best GM in the NFL (behind only Chris Ballard of Indy). Ford is not currently starting for the Bills so getting someone of Shepard's talent for a non starter and a 2023 3rd rounder is a no brainer for him. Plus Beasley and Sanders are FA next offseason, I believe. Ford not starting is certainly not what they planned on when they took in the second round in 2019. However, Ford is still young and despite a struggle to start his career he was considered a first round talent when coming out in 2019. Your hope when making this trade is that Ford can push Skura to the bench and be your future at LG. Could also be someone who pushes for that RT spot. I'll take either Peart (when Thomas is healthy) or Ford over Solder at this point.

Trade B:
Shepard with OT Nate Solder (salary dump) to Jacksonville for OG Andrew Norwell.
No picks exchanged either way. Getty gets the guy he wanted all along to start his line rebuild. Norwell did not seem to really pan out moneywise in Jacksonville, but players rarely ever do there. Can he have a bit a resurgence to close out his career in NY? At the very least he is an upgrade over Skura at LG while dumping the player the Giants signed when Norwell inked with the Jags. Trevor Lawrence gets help at the WR position to help him get the hang of being an NFL QB. Solder is mercifully cut next offseason and retired by the league as nobody comes calling. As for Lawrence, he should be fine. Just gonna take some losses which he is not used to. If that doesn't kill his confidence he will be a franchise changer in Jacksonville in due time. No doubt in my mind.

Trade C:
Shepard and 2022 3rd rounder to Minnesota for OT Christian Darrisaw and 2023 5th rounder.
This is likely the unlikeist of the trade possibilities, but I am not sure it is completely far fetched. Getty and Spielman have worked trades before, and Darrisaw is currently still not seeing snaps in Minnesota so they could very well have already soured on the pick just 6 months after making it. Now Minnesota is certainly not going to give away a rookie first rounder, but if you already believe he is not the guy and you have the chance to get Shepard and a 3rd round pick for him and a 5th in 2023 you certainly have to entertain the thought. I believe. Darrisaw may be pushed inside to LG if traded for, but I think you give up the haul you do hoping that Darrisaw comes in and locks down the RT position once and for all. No more Solder or Peart, who despite potential seems to be in the coaching staff doghouse. Why trade for a player that a team makes available as a rookie? Simple, if you liked him beforehand his time in Minnesota will not change your opinion. So if you think you're potentially getting another first rounder for Shepard and a 3rd you're thinking steal, not bust. Up to the Giants staff to prove Minnesota wrong for giving up on him too soon.

Trade D:
Shepard, 2022 2nd and 2023 4th round pick to New Orleans for OC Erik McCoy
If the above is the unlikeliest of scenarios then this is certainly #2 in that category. However, the Saints are some 55 million in cap space debt for next year before the season even begins. They're literally in 110x worse position than the Giants who only have 500k. So what? McCoy is signed through next year they don't have to worry about it. That is if McCoy doesn't make a stink about it. He certainly has far outperformed his rookie deal, and I am sure will be looking to sign a new deal next year. At the very least his agent is going to be singing that tune. Plus the Saints are going to need to restructure a ton of player contracts next year which is only going to eat into available future money. Now the Saints are in no way in any position to have be thinking about giving McCoy away who is one of the leagues top centers on a rookie deal. Plus taking on money for Shepard is not going to be easy. However, dangling Shepard in front of Sean Paytons face is surely going to be something he will explore as he is always looking for new toys to play with. Throw in what is likely to be an early day 2 pick alongside Shepard instead of waiting 3 years to get a 3rd round compensatory pick when McCoy signs elsewhere in 2 years, and you just might be able to get Payton, Mickey Loomis (GM since 2001) and the Saints to bite. The 2023 4th round pick is the cherry on top needed to complete the sundae. They have Ruiz, a center by nature, already on the roster to take over and I do believe the Saints like Throckmorton (currently their backup OG) they would be comfortable with Ruiz and Throckmorton. McCoy is certainly better than Throckmorton, but is Throckmorton, Shepard, a likely early 2nd this year and a 4th next year better than a player whoat the very least will require a hefty deal in 2 years? Just might be since if the Saints falter it'll be full blown rebuild time. This is something I would be exploring if I was Getty.

Trade E: the TarkentontoJones pick, sorta lol
Shepard to Cleveland for OG Wyatt Teller
TarkentoJones did not name the player but Cleveland was the team so here it is. Straight up, no picks exchanged. Teller is a FA this year where Shepard is on the books for two more seasons so despite being a bit older than Teller Cleveland retains more control over Shepard and could use another top pass catcher to go with Landry and OBJ, especially given the injuries to those 2 players. Shepard reunites with OBJ. Both players traded have injury history so both teams would be taking a gamble on the player remaining healthy. The Giants a gamble on their ability to be able to retain Teller by a tag at the very least next offseason. Much like they did with LW when they made that trade. They have no space as of now, but a few contract adjustments and they would have the space needed to do just that. Teller moves Skura to the bench, and hopefully locks down the LG spot for the next 5-6 years.

Trade F:
Reject all 4 offers and call another team about a different player.

Trade G:
Keep Shepard. Not available for trade.

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