November Games

Game 1 at KC Monday Night Football! GMen take advantage of a weakened Chiefs team and squeak by with a 24-22 win on a last minute Jones to Ross td. Defense continues to bring the heat, battering Mahomes and sacking him 4 times.

Game 2 vs Raiders Raiders have won 2 straight. Erratic squad made even more so with Racist, Homophobe Chucky gone. Big Blue Oline continues to solidify, giving Danny Dimes plenty of time. Big Home Victory! 27-13.

Game 3 at TOMpa Bay Sorry the streak ends here. Brady truly is from another planet, yet we play tough. Close loss 27-20.

Game 4 vs Eagles Like 'em or Hate 'em This is one of the GREAT rivalries in the NFL. The Eagles are suffering (good), but they fight. A nail bitter, but Jones shows why he IS our QB of the future pulling out a last minute win with a sweet pass to Kadarius! 24-20.

Heading into December the NY "FOOTBALL" Giants are 5-6. Yet 4 of the last 6 are on the road! Including down to Miami and then out to the Chargers in consecutive weeks!

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