October Mock Draft (I fully expect this post to get buried under the ranting of fans in the fan post after we get our teeth kicked in today)

What up BBV. After I finished sobbing over another lost season for our beloved Giants, I decided to go ahead and put out the 1st mock draft (that I know of) for the next cycle here on BBV. As it stands we have 11 picks, 5 of which are in the top 70, which gives us a real opportunity to add some legitimate talent to our team, and set us on the path of contention. The strategy was simple. The 1st round was to get two blue chip players (two top 10 picks on the Draft Network) that can come in and give us immediate impact, that will carry over for the long term. Day 2, I went with talented players who had an elite trait. Round 4 and 5 I targeted players who can contribute, and I closed the draft with a ST focus. So as I alluded to, I made this mock on the Draft Network, and I didn't make any trades.

1) Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan- A stud pass rusher, and the blue chip defender this defense needs. I think the defense overall has a good group, but it's just under performing and doesn't have a top end guy to rely on. Hutchinson will change that real quick, giving us our next great pass rusher.

1) Kenyon Green, OL, Texas A&M- I really like Tyler Linderbaum and he has the looks of a top 5 Center. But Green has elite potential as well, and can play every OL position save Center. What more is how much of a team player he is, reports from school is how he has willingly played where asked and dominated. So we can put him anywhere on the line and do the same (except Center). Two top 10 picks, two studs.

2) Brandon Smith, ILB, Penn State- I was looking for Devin Lloyd but he went round 1. With that said, Smith has insane potential to be a top end ILB, and has wicked speed (runs a 4.38 at 6'3" 241). He still needs to grow, but he has this season to get snaps, and will have Blake Martinez next to him.

3) Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama- 6'2" with a projected 4.39 40, from a WR that is coming out of WRU in Alabama. I don't think I need to sell you on his talent, and he might rise before we get to draft night, but let me tell you why this makes sense. First, if we take him here, it's a major steal, and sets us up with an elite WR duo in Williams and Toney, adding Golladay in for one of the best WR trios in football. Second, we can move off of Shepard, Slayton is in a contract year next season and we have a built in replacement, John Ross is a FA, we have also been decimated by injury at WR and this guy brings in great depth. This is a pick most would look at with some disdain, but in time will come around and love.

3) Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota- So this may be a reason why most would be fine here. First, our 3rd round picks are back to back, being picks 69 and 70, second, I grab another OL player for us. Faalele is 6'8" 380 pounds. You can't teach size like that. Not to mention his power and balance. This guy is a behemoth, and has the ability to stick.

4) Lecitus Smith, IOL, VT- I'm just loading us up with depth on the OL. Smith gives us a guy who can come in, and maybe displace a guy like Ben Bredeson from a guard spot. Or just build up our depth on the interior. Nothing special, just a big tough nasty guy for the OL.

5) Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State- Catches everything throw his way, bigger then any player who could cover him, and is reliable. How he is in round 5 idk. He isn't dynamic though, but Kolar is a security blanket.

5) Brian Robinson Jr, RB, Alabama- Ok at this point, I was thinking about a QB to put behind DJ as his back up. Someone young and cheap which would help with the cap space some. Not to mention offer more upside then Glennon. But once Phil Jurkovec, Spencer Rattler, and JT Daniels all got picked up right before I took Kolar, I just went to a ST focus, as well as depth. Kolar lets us move on from Engram and Toilolo rather easily, and also allows us to let Rudolph walk next year. IDK what's up with Kaden Smith. Robinson comes into the depth chart, and with a later pick, adds to a committee should Barkley go down with injury again, or we have the sense to let him walk instead of paying him. Robinson is a tough runner with good vision and can give on ST. We'll take it.

6) Xavier Thomas, EDGE, Clemson- Some added depth for the front seven, and can kick in on ST, while competing for a spot on the back end of the roster. Hopefully makes the EDGE room better.

7) Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State- Yes his dad is that Joey Porter. His son has some insane potential from what I gathered so I won't be shocked if he went back to school. But he can come in as depth, kick in on ST, and maybe develop into a really good starter for us if we got him here.

7) Tyler Goodson, RB, Iowa- Same rationale as Robinson earlier. But Goodson brings chops as a receiver as well.

So this is my initial mock draft. I like to play with trades, and future mocks will have some. But you kinda see my strategy here. Day 1, get blue chip players at high value positions that will be elite cornerstones of the team. Day 2 bring in talented players with elite traits. Day 3, add guys who can help and contribute to the team in some form, while adding depth to certain positions.

My next mock will likely be during the Bye Week. Have at it guys! I know there will be some disagreement with my picks from round 3 on, but I'm sure most would be down for my 1st two rounds.

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