Rooting Guide for Giants Fans Today

Ordinarily on any given weekend we Giants fans would be rooting against Dallas, Philly, and WFT and for our Giants to win, and we'd have mainly passing interest in other games, purely on the entertainment level. But with the Giants' season likely done (sure, we could win 8 of the last 11 and sneak into the playoffs at 9-8, but who really thinks that is possible?), what can a Giants fan do other than go out and enjoy a beautiful fall day instead of watching football?

By now, we are reduced to hoping for the best draft position possible. I will still root for the Giants to win today and for the rest of the season. But what should I root for in the other games? Actually, it's pretty complicated because (a) the Giants have that extra round 1 pick from Chicago, even more so because (b) Philly has the first round draft picks of Miami and possibly Indy, and (c) there are indirect effects from strength of schedule (SOS) in determining draft order. So here is a guide for rooting today. For reference purposes, the Giants have the #5 and #16 picks at the moment, according to Tankathon:

WFT at GB: Of all the NFC East rivals I hate WFT the least. I respect Ron Rivera, and their fans are not jerks. So if I am in full tanking mode, I root for them to upset GB today since they are only a game ahead of the Giants.

KC at TEN: Tough to find a rooting strategy for this one, but at the moment KC is tied with CHI in record and only one place behind them in the standings while TEN is a game ahead, so maybe KC is the play here.

ATL at MIA: This is a big one. Miami currently has the #2 pick in the draft, but it belongs to Philly. So we generally want MIA to win whenever possible. If they do it has a small negative impact on the Giants since we have Miami's round 3 pick, but that #2 pick going to Philly is the clear and present danger.

NYJ at NE: The Jets and Patriots are right behind the Giants in draft order right now, so there is no clear choice. Overall I feel the Jets can be counted on to lose more often than the Pats going forward, and the Jets' SOS is currently the 2nd lowest in the NFL, so go Gang Green today!

CAR at NYG: I'll root for the G-men today but it's really not in our best interest. A win would not only move us way down in draft order but would get CAR within one game of us as well.

CIN at BAL: CIN (4-2) is only a game ahead of CHI (3-3), while BAL (5-1) is 2 games ahead. And no one believes that CIN is going to the playoffs, while everyone thinks BAL will, right? So root for CIN to put some space between themselves and the Bears by winning when they get the chance.

PHI at LV: By definition, it is impossible to ever root for the Iggles, the most despicable team, organization, and fan base in the league. Just take it as consolation that if they win today they remain withing striking distance of falling behind the Bears in draft order. LV at 4-2 poses no threat to the Giants' draft position if they lose.

DET at LAR: It's hard to imagine a bigger mismatch than this one. But if the Lions pull off the upset, their league-high SOS would put the Giants ahead of them in the draft if the G-men lay the expected egg today.

HOU at ARI: The Texans are not as bad as I thought they'd be. But they are ahead of us in draft order due to their low SOS, so root against all odds for a David Mills explosion today.

CHI at TB: I don't know why Giants fans root for Tom Brady to lose. Every game he wins only burnishes the two smackdowns the Giants put on him in the Super Bowl. Root for him today to move that Bears pick higher for us.

IND at SF: Philly currently has Indy's round 1 pick, currently #9. Do you realize that if the draft were today, the Iggles would have the #2, #8, and #9 picks in the draft? This is a national emergency. Root for Indy, today and every day the rest of the season. In fact root for Indy to be so far ahead in every game that they sit Carson Wentz for the the 2nd half and change that conditional round 1 to a round 2. Another possible strategy would be to root for them to win but for their offense to be so bad that they bench Carson Wentz for the last 5 games to see if Sam Ehlinger can be their QB of the future.

NO at SEA: At 2-4, SEA's round 1 pick (owned by the Jets) is too close to the Giants' for comfort. And with Russell Wilson out, we need them to win whenever we can get it. So hope for Geno Smith to go off and for Jamal Adams to finally play competently tomorrow night.

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