Ownership has to be held responsible for this sinking ship!!!

The duo of Mara and Tisch have been swinging and missing since the Ernie Accorsi/Tom Coughlin era! The theory of "we must hire from within " has not worked out!. It all seems to have started when there was a fallout between Jerry Reese and Coughlin, with Reese diminishing Coughlin's input into the draft and eventually leading to the firing of Coughlin. Giant ownership refusing to go outside the organization to bring in a new prospective to drafting and scouting has led to failure after failure. Gettleman has been a failure point blank. Getting a few picks right in the draft does not qualify as success. Aren't we all tired of Getty talking about "Hog Molly's" whatever a "Hog Molly" is they don't exist on the Giant roster.Is Its time to go OUTSIDE the organization and bring in new decision makers!!

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