Leonard Williams criticizing booing Giants fans a big mistake

During the 2015 NFL Draft, Leonard Williams joined the NFL as the No. 6 pick overall. He played four complete campaigns and half of a fifth for the Jets before getting sold to the Giants midway through the 2019 campaign. As hefty as they come, Leonard Williams has missed only one match in his career.

Williams has played in 101 NFL matches. The record of his side in those matches: 34-67. As a novice, the Jets went 10-6 with him and since then, the sides that paid him are 24-61. Williams has never come close to a second winning campaign. He is an expert on losing in the league, according to best Australian online casino.

If a sociology class required a guest lecturer to talk about what it feels like to be booed by your own supporters, He qualifies as an add-on professor. With the Jets, He went 15-21 in home matches. With the Giants, he is 4-11. When Leonard Williams comes to work at MetLife Stadium, the eventual result that occurs 63 percent of the time is a huge, fat "L."

In this campaign, the Giants are 0-3 on home soil and they have been outplayed in those three matches, 82-38. Only one of the matches was competitive in the 4th quarter – a 17-14 defeat to the Falcons in the 3rdWeek. Supporters opting to spend a good fall afternoon at the stadium this past weekend – Sunday would have been greater served to leave the stadium at halftime (the team was down 28-3) or after three quarters at 31-3 to get a jump on beating traffic, or to jostle over to get the early dinner special at the locals.

What does all of this have to do with Leonard Williams? It is crystal clear that he knows not of what he says when he criticized Giants supporters for the repeated booing that glided down from the stand at various junctures of the 38-11 defeat to the Rams.

Here is a rejoinder offered to players when they are asked about getting booed by their own supporters:

"I understand their frustration. We are frustrated too. They pay good money to see us play and they have a right to express their opinion when we do not give them a quality product."

If the player desires to ingratiate himself with the customers, or if the defeat was heinous, the player can say via best high roller casinos: "If I were them, I’d have booed us too."

Being a laid-back guy, it is easy to believe Williams means what he says when it comes to booing by your own fans. He doesn’t believe in it, no matter what. He admitted to hearing the boos at home bothers him.

"I don’t want to be hearing boos from my own fans," he said. "I understand that they have a right to be upset as well because they’re coming to see us put good football on the field. We haven’t been winning up to date. But at the same time, I don’t know, I don’t like that."

Williams then said he would not boo a salesman because he failed in his duty. His best line is: "It doesn’t matter what I think. I go out there to play football. I don’t sit in the stands, so I can’t see it from their perspective."

Truly, he cannot see it from the fan's perspective. He wears the helmet and pads every matchday, disrupts the opposing quarterback and halts the run, showers, and leaves the ground. If there was a clock to throw some punch, he would. He is a decent player with a new contract worth $63 million, and he never got paid based on any statistical data as to why he assisted his side win because not much of that happens.

This is not an indictment of Williams. The Giants have several urgent and alarming challenges than disgruntlement from a key player that their feelings get hurt when their supporters boo them.

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