The Other Side

I think out is unlikely that either Judge or Jones return to the Giants in 2022. Not because they will be fired or traded but because neither one will wish to return. The treatment of Jones since his arrival has been a disgrace. Overdrafted by Getty and then the same Getty strongarmed Shurmer to play him be fore he was really ready and, where are we now After a solid and promising rookie season Shurmer was fired and Jones has regressed. So despite an occasional good performance he is still the same guy here he was last year and with no long lasting improvement in sight. Jones would benefit from a trade to a team with a veteran QB with the idea of a year or two to regroup and try it again. If he stays here he will fizzle like a wet firecracker and, I think he knows that. He also has too much class to complain at least publicly.

Judge is apparantly starting to lose the clubhouse. He was in over his head here and his politician type responses in regard to process over results haven't helped and all of the improvement talk which clearly has not happened. His final straw was not protecting Toney on the field. His berating him on the field flies in the old saying of praise in public and punish in private. He should have stood up for him on the field and if he felt he needed to let him have it in the office.. He should have in the presser defended his passion and commitment and would work with him to channel his frustration isn a more productive way. He didn't do it and it has cost him. Any player would have expected that and the entire team saw what he did and especially to a rookie. Look for him to land as an assistant with one of his SEC buddies like Saban or Kirby Smart for a few seasons and then he can take another shot at a head job. He will learn from this and when he is ready will do much better job. Again, were he to stay here he will run himself out of the coaching business and he is beginning to see it.

Where this leaves the Giants I don't know. Gettleman and Mara have made a mess of this but I have a few general ideas. First Getty needs tom go and the new GM needs to be the prime mover on the coach search. Maybe the league can assist and make some recommendations. I would not draft a rookie QB but look for a veteran who if nothing else could provide some experience and some stability for a season or two and then consider a draft choice. If the Lions go belly up and draft a qb I would be all over Jared Goff as a stopgap. Some experience and some success and you have minimal expectation but are climbing out of a hole so lets do it one step at a time.

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