Second half schedule

What's up BBV. So as we know, the season is well, rough. Our next three games are against the Panthers, Chiefs, and Raiders. It would be nice to think we can get it together, but I have lost hope in this team. So let them show me. I did say if we can get to the BYE with 3 wins, maybe we can make something happen, but given the rise of the Cowboys, we'd need to really see something in this time that frankly may not be there.

So look, I guess you can argue maybe we win 1 or 2 of these next 3, but I'm not going to be the one making it. Let's look at our schedule post BYE.









Off the bat I see us dropping games to Tampa and the Chargers. Honestly, we're losing to Dallas also. That leaves us with two against Philly, Miami, Chicago, and the WFT.

So this is where we are,

I don't have it in me to cheer for us to lose out, but a top 3 pick would be big time. By the time of the draft Malik Willis might be worth the investment, not to mention Stingley, Hutchinson and Thibodeaux. More then likely to happen is, we get to around 4-6 wins, maybe 7 on the season, which leaves us picking between 6-12. We shall see what comes of it.

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