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Giants players react to the booing of fans during Sunday’s loss to the Rams

Joe Judge, Adoree’ Jackson and Nate Solder give their take on Giants fans’ disappointment

Denver Broncos v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The boos of New York Giants fans, apparently, have echoes.

After defensive end Leonard Williams shooed away the boos of fans Sunday at MetLife Stadium in the Giants’ 38-11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, other members of the Giants expressed their opinions during Monday media availabilities.

Since his arrival in New York last season, Joe Judge has emphasized the importance of giving Giants fans something to believe in and rely on.

“I don’t give my players a script to follow,” Judge said. “I love the passion of our fans. I say all the time, look it’s New York, what’d you expect? It’s supposed to be tough. You have to work hard for their respect and when you earn it it’s that much more valuable.”

Cornerback Adoree’ Jackson, whom the Giants acquired this past offseason from the Tennessee Titans, talked about the team’s desire to improve as a whole. Jackson spent the first four seasons of his NFL career in Tennessee before coming to New York.

“Obviously, you don’t want to get booed, especially not at home,” Jackson said. “But to eliminate that, get back in the lab and just keep grinding until things turn out the way you want to. You don’t really want to get booed, but at the end of the day, we aren’t doing anything to not get booed, so we’ve just got to change that.”

When asked if he thinks fans are looking for a more dramatic reaction from Giants players like throwing a water cooler or table, Jackson said that everyone responds differently.

“If somebody wants to do that, I don’t think anybody would look at them different,” Jackson said. “They’re probably feeling the same way, but just didn’t express it that way. You see an athlete or anybody doing something like that, and you’ve been in the position and you’ve been frustrated, you can understand and feel their pain.”

Offensive tackle Nate Solder gave his own unique views on the booing of fans.

“I heard this study once that said the testosterone levels of the fans goes down after a loss, so what that tells me is they’re in it with us,” Solder said. “They’re in there, tooth and nail, they’re fighting the fights in their minds and going through it with us emotionally. I think I understand where they’re coming from because, quite frankly, we feel the same way a lot of times. We are not playing up to our standards. We need to continue to play better, so we’re with them on that. We want to see improvement as much as they do.”

Solder spent seven seasons in New England before coming to New York in 2018. He likely heard a lot less booing with the Patriots, but he still managed to find a silver lining of sorts.

“I think you’ve got to embrace the fact that we’re not where we are, or where we want to be, and we’ve got to improve,” Solder said. “We’re with the fans on that. We can take it two ways. We could say, ‘Oh, they hate us,’ or, you can say, ‘Hey, they’re really wanting the best for us. They really want us to see improvement. They really want their team to be what it could be.’ That’s how we are, so we’re all together on that.”

Regardless of where each player stands, Williams’ remarks started a larger conversation about the disappointment of New York Giants fans who have seen just nine home wins since 2017. The Giants are 0-3 at MetLife Stadium this season. On Sunday, the Rams scored 38 consecutive points, including 28 unanswered in the second quarter.