1st Round Picks

Since LT the Giants have had 41 1st round picks in the NFL draft.

And since 1st round picks should be " impact " players, all pro, pro bowl, Canton bound studs, I thought it would be interesting to retrospectively look back and which ones lived up to the pre draft hype.

I've made it simple . 3 categories. YAY, NAY and MEH.

I really am only concerned with their contribution to the Gmen, not whether they helped other teams after leaving NY.

41 picks. That's a lot. Some suffered injuries which downgraded their score. Think Kenny Phillips. Or David Wilson.

Some just didn't play well in NY.

I got 15 YAYS

LT and Eli , they were both the best picks the Men have made in the past 40 years.

Followed by Mr Banks, JPP, Kiwanuka, Brian Williams, Ike Hilliard, Wm Roberts, Rodney Hampton, Shaun Williams, Nicks ( only 2 great years ). Mark Ingram

And I'm going to put Toney and Andrew Thomas in the YAY group because I think they'll be there. Hope that isn't just wishful thinking.

The NAYs are Engram, Eli ( the other one ), Flowers, Joseph, Shockey, Allen, Dayne Cedric ( Jones, not the Entertainer ), Wheatly, Wilson, Woolfolk, Brown, Bunch ( of nuthin) Dorsey, Adams , Phillips, and Mr Baker.

The MEHs are Lawrence, Dan Jones ( not a bust,,,yet also not a guy who you can build around, time will tell ), Barkley ( is he ever going to be injury free and productive ), Pettigout ( before he was a felon ), Prince ( good but never a great player ), Ross ( hurt a lot ), Eric Moore ( starter for 5 years, but that was it ),

So, out of 41 high picks, the GMen were only going to get a big payoff from 15 of them ( and remember, I'm putting Toney/Thomas in this group.)

And those are 1st round picks, not 2nd, 3rd or lower picks.

Yup, the draft is a crap shoot all right.

Would be interested in knowing how other teams fared over the same time period.

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