Time For a Bold New Vision

I posted the first part of this on the Kudos and WW comments. But I wanted to add my thoughts for how to attempt to define a new direction for this franchise. I don't have any simple answers, just a no-brainer methodology for what to do next. Let me know what you think!

I can't help but feel like these halftime ceremonies are a perfect illustration for what's wrong with this franchise; they are more invested in the past than the future. They are more committed to celebrating some fantastical halcyon era than trying to be competitive. This is an organization that is in love with their own image -- a first class, high culture, tough and honest franchise. It's a fantasy. And you see how it manifests when you hear how in love with axioms and philosophical truisms that the FO and coaches wrap themselves in. Big men allow you to compete. We're going to play NY Giants brand of football. We need to get back to the basics. Once a NY Giant always a NY Giant. Spending time talking about 9/11 and NY legacy instead of practice. Or whatever.

It's all living in the past. It's a self imposed delusion. Sean McVay doesn't do that kind of starry eyed navel gazing. He just worries about staying ahead of the curve. Same with all of the great coaches. They DO NOT look into the past for answers. They look into the future. Always. Always. Always. That is the polar opposite of everything this franchise stands for. And until that changes, they will be bad at the game of football. Starts with Mara and ends with the fans. Now more halftime feting until they win some games.

It's like this, if you believe that there ARE answers to how to fix this terrible team, then you have to find a way to locate those answers. So then it becomes a question of methodology; do you continue with the same tactics and ideas you've been using for the past 10 years? Or do you try something new?

Clearly the answer is try something new.

They need to do a top to bottom analysis of what needs to change. And it CANNOT come from within the building.

What I would like to see is this:

Mara hires an outside group to do a deep dive to explore the problems and potential solutions. I would like to see this outside group interview 100+ people throughout the league to get a baseline on the franchise.

Talk to current and former players that have been on the team. Talk to current and former players from other teams. Talk to former FO execs and coaches from NYG and outside. Keep all of the interviews totally anonymous and then look for patterns. Go in without any agenda or bias and just try to find out, as objectively as possible, what people on the ground actually believe is going on.

It is critical that gather information from individuals with tons of personal experience from around the league, who feel free to say whatever they want. The larger the pool of interviewees you have, the better you can weed out bias or agenda.

Take that data and find consistent, ground-level truths to help right the ship. There won't be any singular magic-bullet answer. It will be a series of adjustments to be implemented all across the organization.

And to be clear, this is no a perfect solution. But you simply cannot continue to ignore that there are fundamental issues at work here. Everything should be on the table. Everything.

If there are answers to this mess, and I believe there are, then ownership must find them. And it starts with humility. Admit you can't fix this yourself and you need help. Fans will understand.

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