This team is too hard to watch

This team absolutely has no heart. I don't think they could beat Georgia or Alabama on a neutral field at this point. We absolutely have no comprehension of the word team, process, or winning culture. This team is lost without direction, too injury prone, and relying on potential instead of talent. I only see a handful of players playing up to their capabilities and then two plays later they are injured. This is a lost season already and the prospects do not get much better for the rest of the year. We should finish 1-16, sell off every player we have that we can get something for at the trade deadline and start over. Find a new GM and if he wants a new head coach that is his prerogative. Bring in a new coaching staff and definitely new scouts. Lastly Mara needs to step down as the face of ownership. He may bleed Giants blue, but obviously none of that blue blood is getting to his noggin. He is a "stuck" owner who still believes that football today consists of smash mouth football. Those days were gone in the early 90's.

I am not wedded to anyone on this team other than Martinez, Crowder, Toney, Lawrence, Golladay, Ojulari, Smith, & Thomas. That is pretty sad when you feel only 15% of your teams roster is worth keeping. I grant you that people like Barkley, Bradberry, Williams and Shep would be keepers but they all have (or want) bloated contracts and are the only real value we have for getting some decent draft picks in trades. I am all for starting over and actually rebuilding instead of patching and the more we can sell the better off we will be in the draft. I keep Jones as this years QB crop doesn't look stellar and wait for Caleb Williams the following year. Yes that means another year of losing but we won't win much if we sell off a ton of players anyway. We also will eat some dead money in 2022 so we use the year as a reset. We will have plenty of cap room in 2023 to go get some real talent.

In the mean time we build the OL in this draft. Thomas is a keeper, Gates will come back (Hopefully) along with Lemieux, and Peart is my swing tackle. Price/Skura are playing for their next contract with us and there is only 1 position for the two. In the draft, unless Thibedoux falls to us or we end up with the first pick, I draft a combination of RT/G in the first round Targeting Neal/Greene/Ekwonu/Kirkland. So I am looking to come out with a combination of Edge/RT/G with our two picks. In the 2nd, I look for the position I didn't get in the first. I continue concentrate on OL and get a center somewhere in the 3rd or 4th round. Build the trenches first and get them set, then get the skill players next year. After a year of transition in 23 we win in 24.

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