We Can Win This

1. The Rams do have Aaron Donald, but they are the 21st ranked defense in yards allowed (we're 28th).

2. So therefore that 28th ranked defense needs to step it up (duh).

3. I'm starting Coughlin at ILB instead of Ragland. I want the speed.

4. I'm throwing it a lot. Rams pass D is as bad as ours. I'm talking 45 times. Danny Dimes completed 28/40 against Saints so he is capable.

5. Danny Dimes should target: Engram 10 times, yes 10 times. Jalen Ramsey is the only Ram who worries me in their back 8. If Kadarius is healthy he gets 15 targets. Yes, 15! The remaining 20 throws should be spread out.

6. NO PENALTIES! 4-11- 8- 3- 5. Those are our penalties per game, in order of each game. Damn, we should have won the game against the WFT, but 11 penalties is ridiculous! We beat the Saints in New Orleans...Shocker!...We only had 3 penalties!

7. OLine: Lt: Thomas Lg: Skura C: Price Rg: Hernandez Rt: Peart The WHOLE line needs to step up PFF Grades of 65 and higher. They are professionals and need to play like it.

I'm a homer. I'm a believer. Danny Dimes contines his development in a 31-27 New York FOOTBALL Giants victory!

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