Was it really a concussion, or something else?

When DJ went down last week the way he tweaked his neck reminded my of the Pat Mahomes non-concussion concussion from late last year. For those that don't recall, Mahomes was woozy after a tackle and we all thought he had a concussion, but it was later revealed that it was some sort of artery/nerve issue due to him getting his neck bent that caused the wooziness. The fact that DJ was apparently reading on the flight home, the angle of the hit and the way his neck bent, that DJ was out there in pads when Judge said he wouldn't be practicing, and how fast DJ is going through the protocol altogether have to make you wonder: Was it actually a concussion, or something else? Recall, Mahomes had to go through the protocol as well eventhough the as Glazer reported, their trainers didn't believe it to have been a concussion.

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