My short list of head coaching candidates

Brian Daboll- Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills

The architect of the league's #2 scoring offense last year has his team currently in the #1 spot this year. He was also able to develop Josh Allen into an MVP candidate.

Kellen Moore- Offensive Coordinator, Dallass Cowboys

In 2019 he had Dallas as the #6 scoring offense, and he has them as the #2 scoring offense this year. Even when Dak got hurt last season he was able to squeeze an average scoring offense (#17) out of backups. Has the added bonus of screwing over the Cowgirls.

Nathaniel Hackett- Offensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers

Helped design last year's #1 scoring offense. Its easy to just attribute his success to Rodgers, but he has a track record of success in other programs (Syracuse at the college level, also successful with the Jaguars).

Joe Brady- Offensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

He has Darnold looking like an NFL quarterback (last week notwithstanding). He was also the architect of the greatest college football offense of all time, and developed Joe Burrow into the #1 overall pick.

Kevin O'Connell- Offensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Rams

He knows Sean McVay.

To me, any of these candidates would be an excellent hire, which of course means there's absolutely no chance Mara hires any of them. But a man can dream, can't he?

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