My Personal FESTIVUS

I've been a NY Giants fan for about 60 years, through good times and bad and I can tell All of you Whiners Out there, These Are Not the Worst of Times! There are 32 teams in the NFL and not many of them have 4 Lombardi Trophies after having made 5 appearances in the Super Bowl. So either quit Bitching about Getty, who is by no means a perfect G.M. but certainly not the bottom of the barrel either and Quit Bitching about the Mara and Tisch families, calling them irresponsible, underqualified, stupid or greedy. (They are none of the aforementioned.) If you think the Giant losses, mistakes and screwups bother and frustrate you, try walking a mile in John Mara's shoes. The guy has been at it his whole life. He lives and dies Giants Football! The NY Giant ownership is among the most respected and committed, in not only the business of the NFL but in all of professional sports. "Once a Giant Always a Giant," isn't just talk, it's a basic core value practiced by the organization and appreciated by the vast majority of players and coaches who pass through and benefit from it.
You may not hear about Steve Tisch on a daily basis, but he's not just out in L.A making movies, the guy has personally funded helmet research with $10 Million grant to UCLA for a project called BRAINSPORT. Check it out!

Now as for this year: Have they once again been unlucky? Sure, but the season and the report card are incomplete. Are Golladay and Barkley made of glass? Let's hope not! Was it a mistake to let Tomlinson walk? As it turns out it seems like it might have had a far bigger negative impact than anyone could have imagined. Was it heartbreaking to see Martinez go down? You bet it was. No question about it!

Is Daniel Jones ever going to be a Franchise type QB? He already is! To you clowns who were hooting and hollering with joy when he ran over a DT to get into the End Zone, Shut Up! He didn't ask Cox to go helmet to helmet (And Where the Hell Was the Flag?) Under those circumstances a leader who is willing to put the team on his back and do anything necessary to win Does Not Slide short of the goal line. He got knocked silly but with any luck he won't miss any or much time.

As I've said many times before: Get the ball into Toney's hands and watch him break some ankles as he gets ODell type yardage after the catch. Either quit treating Engram like he's a real/complete TE and run him down the seam on every play that he's on the field to stretch the D or trade him. In the right circumstance like San Fran losing Kittle, he might bring a second round pick. If not Keep Him and use him as suggested.

The O-Line has pieces and potential. I think they are a lot closer to being at very least an average unit than many people want to admit. Are they or will they as currently constituted be overpowering? No! But they have a good young base. I like Hernandez, Bredeson, Skura, Price, (Hopefully, Gates) Thomas, Peart and Wright. They also have a boatload of picks coming up in the draft, so don't get Too Down.

Has this season been what I hoped it would be? Not by any measure. But it's not on Joe Judge that things are not perfect or even good. Joe Judge is going to be one of the Long Time Great Coaches in this League. He has his goals and priorities right. He's bright and flexible. Every time I see that phony Bullshit, Tough guy criticism leveled at him it makes me crazy. Can he or should he share everything that goes on with the fans or the media? No, he can not. Talk to me in TWO YEARS when I believe they will be hoisting a FIFTH Lombardi and we'll see if the glass really was half empty as some losers out there want or seem to need to believe or Half Full, the way Winners Will Always See It!


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