2022 Draft Trade Back??

In 2022 we know we have 2 first round picks regardless of where they lie. It’s likely at this rate one will be a top 10, and while I’m still not sold on Jones as our QB of the future. I do believe in building the team and then drafting your QB. So maybe Jones gets one more year to prove it. With that said, do you take your top 10 pick and trade it to another needy team again? I certainly would. We are going to have 2 first round picks regardless, no reason not to take our draft strength and make it a sustained strength over more years. It doesn’t even have to be a kings ransom. I’ll take an extra first and a third in the following year depending on how far back the trade is.

I know I know, you’ve got to have a team needy enough to make the offer the way the Bears were for Fields. And we just may not fall into that spot.

This season at this point is only about the OL and Jones, and coaches obviously. Forget wins.

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