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Big Blue View podcast - Pumpkin spice and draft season

It’s October, so it must be draft season

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New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The New York Giants 44-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys was simply a “burn the tape” game.

Ordinarily we take the time to go back over the the previous game to see what we might have missed in the heat of the moment. But there wasn’t really anything to glean from the Giants’ game against Dallas — For the most part it was just bad all the way around.

So with the Giants now sitting at 1-4, ravaged by injury, and starting one of the most difficult schedule stretches in the entire NFL, we decided to look past the current misery and toward the 2022 NFL draft.

As it stands now, the Giants hold the 6th overall pick as well as the 22nd overall pick they got from the Chicago Bears. What could happen around the Giants pick, and who could (or should) the Giants be targeting?

In this podcast

  • Injury updates
  • Where do the Giants currently stand in the draft?
  • What could happen with the picks before the Giants?
  • Will Dave Gettleman be making the Giants pick if they land in the Top 10?
  • Should the Giants address the offense or defense with their first round picks?
  • Who do we like in the top 10?

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