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Kadarius Toney: “Not the example I want to set”

Giants’ rookie explains why he felt the need to apologize for Sunday’s ejection

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

New York Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney said Monday afternoon that he felt the need to apologize for the punch he threw at Davontae Kazee of the Dallas Cowboys because “that’s not the example I want to set.”

“I felt like I need to apologize to mainly everyone,” Toney said. “Little kids looking up to me, that’s not the example I want to set for them.

“Everybody makes mistakes, but at the end of the day we always have to be accountable for our emotions and our actions.”

Toney said he had a conversation about the incident with head coach Joe Judge, who repeated his stance on Monday that he won’t “condone” Toney’s actions in.

“It was just a one-time thing,” Toney said. “I’m a rookie making early mistakes. Just gotta learn from it.”

Toney wouldn’t elaborate on what happened on the field, saying it was just “In the moment” and he didn’t want to get into the details.

“At the end of the day I know right from wrong,” Toney said. “I know it’s not boxing or hockey or anything else where you can just fight and stuff like that. At the end of the day I’ve gotta take I’ve gotta take responsibility for what I did and that’s just what it is. It was the wrong action, that’s just how I look at it.”

Toney went for post-game X-rays on his ankle and said “I’m good.” He referred further injury questions to Judge.

The coach, who spoke before Toney on Monday, had said that Toney did not have any season-ending type of injury but left some doubt about his availability this week against the Los Angeles Rams.

Toney left no doubt that he wants to play.

“I’m a dog,” Toney said. “That’s the mentality I have. If I feel like I can push through that’s what I’m gonna do. At the end of the day I’m gonna do what’s best for the team because I like winning.”

Valentine’s View

Just a quick thought here. I don’t know how much of what Toney to the media was scripted. I also don’t know if his apology was ordered by the organization, or scripted by the team. What I do know is this media availability, held over Zoom, was the best one Toney has held since being drafted.

Sometimes you walk away from Toney’s pressers not sure exactly what the young man said, or if he knew how to answer some of what he was asked. Not Monday. He was clear in what he said. He was sincere. He did not talk in circles or sound like his contrition was forced.

I thought it was an excellent step for an exciting young player.