Keys to an upset

I actually have a family obligation today that will make me miss the game, so I'm counting on you guys to cheer us on and to bring me good news! :)

Here are my mostly-obvious keys to us pulling off our 2nd road upset in a row:

1) Andrew Thomas either has to be close to 100%, or needs to sit this one out. It's only one game, I don't want to risk him missing several games by playing hurt and worsening his sitch.

2) We have to be able run the ball. Not right up the middle all the time. Just well/often enough to keep them honest and make play-action work. 20 RB runs for 4.5 yards per carry; with no more than 2 negative yardage runs; and 3-4 DJ scoots around the end for 6-8 yards each, is what I'm hoping for. Anything more than that will be gravy. (And I like gravy!)

3) We have to stop the run. This is going to be the hardest part IMO. We need to hold them to under 4 yards per carry. We can't miss tackles. We can't get blown back off the LOS (I'm looking at you, Shelton!) And we can't go with fewer than 3 IDLs unless it's 3rd and more than 8. Dallas will ram the ball down our throats if we're not careful. Even on 3rd and 7, if they see us with anything close to that "Amoeba" alignment, they will run for the first down. Can't let that happen. Make Dak beat us.

4) I know, careful what you wish for. Making Dak beat us is no easy task for us. Especially if we're playing soft zone coverage and he has all day to throw. So we have to play press man a lot more often, and we have to bring someone from the back 7 on a blitz fairly often. Not always off the edge. He has to wonder/worry about who's coming.

5) We have to win the turnover battle by at least 2. Anyone can beat anyone when that happens. We have to not turn the ball over, and we have to force two of 'em.

6) Never punt inside their 40. Take the 50-58 yard FG attempt. Go for it inside their 35 on 4th and less than 5. Throw the ball into the end zone, up high, to our tall WRs when we're inside the 10.

That's my recipe for an upset. Thoughts?

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