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Jets request interview with Giants’ DC Patrick Graham

Could the Giants lose Patrick Graham after just one season?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network is reporting that the New York Jets have requested an interview with New York Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham for their vacant head coaching job.

This marks the first interest from a team in Graham as a head coach, or at least the first opportunity that we know of.

Graham has seen a remarkable rise over the last three years, going from the Green Bay Packers linebackers coach to a highly regarded defensive coordinator, to now a head coaching candidate.

The feeling here is that it was only a matter of time until teams expressed interest in Graham for a head coaching position. Over the last two seasons he has run defenses which have not just played well but exceeded their talent levels. This year the Giants’ defense very nearly carried one of the worst offenses in the NFL to a playoff berth. It is, perhaps, only fitting that the only team with a worse offense would be the first to express interest in Graham for their head coaching job.

We’ll just have to see if Graham is one and done with the Giants, and if he does leave, what their backup plan is for defensive coordinator.

Perhaps Matt Patricia would like to be reunited with Joe Judge?

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is also drawing interest.

Coach Joe Judge did not want to speculate on what may happen with his coaching staff.

“I just want to say this just very clearly, kind of on some of the topics with other things as well. I’m not now nor will I ever comment on any coach’s job, job prospects or any hypothetical reports about jobs until something is finalized and official,” Judge said. “I appreciate the question; I respect the question. I think it’s easy to acknowledge we’ve had a number of coaches do a good job. I probably expect a number of requests for several of our coaches throughout this offseason. We’ll deal with that internally as they come up.”