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Giants vs. Cowboys halftime score: Giants lead, 20-9

Your open thread for the second half

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants lead the Dallas Cowboys 20-9 at halftime.

The Giants got the ball to start the game after the Cowboys won the opening coin toss, which was quickly followed by a Giants’ touchdown powered by Sterling Shepard and Wayne Gallman Jr. Shepard added to his touchdown run with a touchdown reception in the second half to put the Giants up 13-3. The Giants tacked on another touchdown, this time to Dante Pettis, to extend their lead to 20-6.

It was either feast or famine for the Giants’ offense, as much of the half was a defensive struggle as they struggled to move the ball in between touchdown drives.

Dallas, in particular, seemed taken completely off guard by Patrick Graham’s decision to play man coverage. Making matters worse for the Cowboys, Andy Dalton was erratic and struggled to complete his passes, with multiple throws slipping out of his hand.

The first half of the game was also marked by a number of dumb penalties by both team, most notably a pair of unnecessary roughness penalties by the Dallas defense after the play was over.

Use this as your open thread as Dallas gets the ball to start the second half.