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Giants news, 1/13: Joe Judge continues support of Daniel Jones, more

New York Giants-related headlines for Wednesday

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NFL: NOV 15 Eagles at Giants Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Joe Judge: Giants “buy into” Daniel Jones

Giants coach Joe Judge has said repeatedly that his belief in Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is not about statistics, which is a good thing since Jones’ 2020 stats are not impressive. Judge repeated that stance during an appearance Tuesday on Sirius Xm NFL Radio with hosts Bob Papa and Charlie Weis.

“I’ve said this a number of times, but you know, it’s something about having a quarterback that you need the team to respond to. There’s a lot of talented guys in the past who just the team didn’t really buy into them. And they may have had huge arms and a lot of talent, but the team didn’t really respond to him. And he’s definitely a guy that, you know, the team really does respond to and they really do like and respect. And that’s because of how he prepares and how he competes. And they know he plays through a lot of different ailments and he never complains, you know, he never makes an excuse. He just comes to work every day. He’s very coachable. He does whatever you ask him to. And they understand that, you know, he’s doing everything he can to make the team better and that’s in whatever we ask them to do.

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Jeffrey Lurie: I had “nothing to do” with Week 17 quarterback change - ProFootballTalk

“No, nothing to do with it whatsoever,” Lurie said. “I heard that Doug wanted to give Nate some time. And I understand the circumstances, but Nate, I think he holds the record for his debut in the NFL against Dallas for the best completion percentage. He was awesome. What is it, 19 out of 22? You know, unstoppable. He was our backup in the Super Bowl because we had so much confidence in Nate. We talked about [how] we are going to advance far here, we hope, and who is going to be there if Nick [Foles] gets injured, and we had a lot of confidence in Nate.

“I’m at practice a lot. Our coaches know much more than I do. [Sudfeld] throws the best long ball on the roster. I think what happened was he, if you remember, broke his wrist in the preseason a year ago. Our plan was to give Nate a lot of playing time in that preseason. The whole idea was to establish is Nate our long-term backup? Is he a potential starter in the league? And how good is Nate, because he’s awfully good in practice? And then we tendered him a second-round exclusive rights designation worth millions of dollars and therefore, it just showed where we thought he was both as a quarterback and as a teammate. What happened this year, the preseason got wiped out, so there was no chance to use him this year either.

“Doug had said we were going to use as many young players as we could. Jalen [Hurts] had the injury in the Dallas game in the second quarter. He, of course, wants to play, but you know, significant hamstring. I think Doug just wanted to give Nate a chance. He deserved it. He’s been part of our Super Bowl-winning team. He contributed to the scout team. He contributed so much. I think it was just with good intentions. The circumstances weren’t the best, maybe the communication wasn’t the best, but we would have loved to have eliminated Washington.”

Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. It’s easy to throw Doug Pederson under the bus for that now.

Eagles coaching candidates: 52 options to replace Doug Pederson – The Athletic

This is an exhaustive list, and ex-Giant coach Ben McAdoo isn’t even on it.

Top Priorities for Giants After Retaining Dave Gettleman as GM | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

How can you do this list and not include find a true No. 1 pass rusher?

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