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Giants’ Joe Judge: “Huge” to keep DC Patrick Graham

Takeaways from Judge’s appearance on WFAN

Patrick Graham
Matthew Swensen []

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge said on WFAN Tuesday morning that it was “huge” for the team to keep defensive coordinator Patrick Graham for at least one more season.

Here is what Judge said about Graham, as well as a couple of other topics of interest.

On keeping Graham

“Keeping Pat here was definitely a priority for us. We know Pat’s going to have a lot of opportunities going forward. He’s a very, very smart coach. He’s a very good communicator. He has a lot of really good ideas. He’s very good getting the players to buy in and understand the concept he’s trying to do,” Judge said on the “Boomer and Gio Show.’

“That to me was huge. Pat’s a great coach, he’s a good friend. Being able to keep him in this organization for as long as we can that definitely was a priority. He’s a tremendous help to me.”

On Daniel Jones

The coach reiterated why he is sold on Jones going forward as the team’s quarterback.

“There hit a point in the year where you could see there were different traits that he had the team really responded to and his level of play was raised,” Judge said.

“There’s a lot of things you argue in terms of statistical output, this or that, but I’m just telling you when you watch the guy how he handles the huddle, when you watch how he has command of the offense, when you watch how he’s adjusted within game plans, when you see the level of toughness he plays with, and you watch him prepare away from the field better than anybody else on a daily basis, and that’s saying a lot because our guys really empty the tank every day, there’s a lot of things you look at with him and you say, OK, this guy give sus confidence to go forward with him because we know he’s going to be prepared, we know he’s going to compete and we’ve seen improvement from him.”

On disrespecting the game

Judge was outspoken after the Philadelphia Eagles benched starting quarterback Jalen Hurts with a chance to win a close season-ending game against the Washington Football Team. He was asked about those comments in the wake of Doug Pederson being ousted as Eagles’ coach.

“My comments were clearly what I’ve been saying to our team since Day 1 about our approach to how we’re going to play the game here. My comments were specifically in response to the question that my players had been asking me throughout the day concerning some of the things that happened around the league,” Judge said.

“To me it’s important to respect the game, it’s important to respect the players that lay it on the line for you every day. That to me is critical. Our job to me as coaches is very simple — you put your players on the field, you do everything you can to give them a chance to be successful, that’s it. Don’t make it more than what it is.”