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Giants’ QB coach Jerry Schuplinski: Turnovers overshadow good play by Daniel Jones

The Giants’ QB coach talks about the development of the team’s young starter

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 2020 season may be just two weeks old, but it’s already been a roller coaster ride when it comes to New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

There were highs, like when Jones got off to a fast start against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who field one of the best defenses in the NFL. Or when he nearly lead the Giants to a come-from-behind win in a frantic drive at the end of their Week 2 matchup against the Chicago Bears.

But just like on any roller coaster, there have been lows as well.

Giants’ quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski spoke (via Zoom) to the New York media Tuesday, addressing both the issues he’s working to overcome with Jones as well as the areas in which he’s seen growth.

Turnovers have been a consistent issue with Jones throughout his young career. He put the ball at risk too often as a rookie, and he already has four turnovers already this year, with a fifth wiped out due to defensive penalty. We’ve talked about how he can’t throw some of those interceptions, but Schuplinski was asked about his fumble against the Chicago Bears, and he credited the turnover to a breakdown in both Jones’ decision making process and fundamentals.

“I think it’s probably a little bit of both,” he said. “We’d like to make a quick decision on some of those, especially the third and shorts. And if we don’t make that decision, we just need to work on the fundamental aspect of getting both hands back on the ball to protect it and keep it in close to our body once that [quick decision] doesn’t happen.”

Schuplinski doesn’t want Jones’ poor plays to overshadow the positive ones he’s made in 2020.

He said, “I think that’s a really good way of putting it because it has overshadowed it a little bit, but those things are part of the game, and those are the things we’re trying to get rid of.”

Of course, he acknowledges that bad plays are something every quarterback has to work through, though in his prior experience the young quarterback was working through those issues on the practice field.

“I certainly [hope], we all hope, we don’t have to wait too long,” he said. “But it is part of the process and is part of the growing pains. Sometimes with some of the younger quarterbacks that I’ve coached, to be quite honest with you, We’ve had the luxury of letting those guys sit and learn in the meeting room and learn on the practice field. Those mistakes have shown up there [in practice] as opposed to on the field.”

Poor plays aside, Schuplinski is happy with the progress his young quarterback has made.

“With Daniel, we’re really happy with what he’s done and some of the progress he’s made in this offense, and some of the leadership he’s shown in the plays he’s made,” Schuplinski said. “But we’re just going to continue to harp on the fundamentals being strong with the ball in the pocket making all the good decisions on every play. I think the big thing is just focus on every play. You know, he’s a focused kid, he works hard and we just need to have that focus and concentration every play.”