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Giants news, 9/18: Dexter Lawrence, hog mollies, Tiki keeps talking, more

Let’s get to your Friday headlines

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New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Dexter Lawrence

Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams have become best friends, and on Thursday Lawrence told media via videoconference that they hit it off right away when Williams became a Giant last season. Lawrence, 22 and in his second season, couldn’t resist a jab at Williams, 26 and in his sixth season.

“Funny story. I used to watch him when I was in high school and he was in college. I tell him that all the time. He doesn’t like when I say that. I kind of joke about that a little bit,” Lawrence said. “But honestly, I respect him as a person, who he is, and the kind of energy he brings to the D-line room.”

The two were both disruptive Monday and each had sacks of Ben Roethlisberger. Lawrence, again, jabbed his teammate, saying his sack celebration was “most definitely” better.

“Yeah, his celebration was a little nice, but mine was a little better,” Lawrence joked. “No, but honestly, he was out there doing his thing, making plays. This year, I feel like he has a lot more confidence and he’s just taking on that role. He came back looking better and feeling better, so it’s all positive.”

Hog mollies

The NFL Thursday released a breakdown of opening weekend rosters and the Giants lead the league in a very Dave Gettleman-esque category. They have 15 players who weigh 300 or more pounds, most in the league.

Here are more numbers of note:

  • Height: 6.20 (NFL average, 6.17)
  • Weight: 247.95 (NFL average, 244.74)
  • Age: 25.78 (NFL average, 26.03)
  • Experience: 3.91 years (NFL average, 4.17)
  • Rookies and first-year players: 9 (NFL average, 9.69)
  • Players age 30 and over: 6 (NFL average, 8.34)

More headlines

Tiki Barber clarifies criticism of Saquon Barkley after Giants running back and coaches respond -

“I don’t point this out because I want to crap on Saquon. I think he has a desire and the ability to be one of the greatest RBs in the history of the NFL. But in order to do that, you have to be reliable in every aspect of what they ask you to do,” Barber said. “I remember (early in my career) my coach telling me, ‘If you can’t protect your quarterback, if it doesn’t piss you off when your QB gets hit under the chin by that linebacker that you were supposed to block, if that doesn’t piss you off more than getting a negative-yard run, then you’re not the right teammate.’”

“At the end of the day, my opinion doesn’t matter. ... My job as an analyst is to point out what I see and it’s what I’ve seen. It’s his coach’s job and his job to fix it, and I’m positive that he will. I’m absolutely positive that he will.”

Saquon Barkley’s Giants star comes with all of its burdens

If the Giants had been anything resembling a functional operation the past few years, Barkley could have worked as part of a tapestry, part of a group learning to win, learning to compete at this level. But the Giants have been a wreck across every second of Barkley’s time here. From his first game — 106 yards out of the chute against the Jaguars, Week 1, 2018 — he has been the Giants. That’s an absurd onus for any player.

But that is Barkley’s burden.

Barkley, being Barkley, understands. He gets it. He accepts it. He said he takes Barber’s barbs not as disrespect but as “a challenge.” He has remarkable perspective for someone who is not yet 24 years old.

“The game happened,” he said. “I had 15 carries for 6 yards. That’s, I guess, the second-lowest of all-time for someone with 15 carries. Guess what? I came to work with a smile on my face, ready to get better. My motivation is to be great myself. I don’t need extra motivation. I want to come in and get a W for the Giants.”

Keys to victory for New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears in Week 2
A look at three things the Giants need to do to come away with a victory on Sunday in the Windy City.

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