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Giants coach Joe Judge leaves no doubt he believes in Daniel Jones

“That dude stood in there like a man and delivered that ball down the field”

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Giants
Daniel Jones
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Joe Judge was not the New York Giants’ head coach when they chose to draft Daniel Jones No. 6 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. If there was any lingering doubt that Judge is a believer in the second-year quarterback he erased — no, obliterated — that idea on Wednesday afternoon.

“You watch that tape from the other night — that dude stood in there like a man and delivered that ball down the field,” Judge said. “That dude stood in there aggressively, he stood in there tough, he stood in there confidently and our team feeds off that.

“We’re proud to have him on our team.”

Judge was also adamant about how difficult he feels it is to play quarterback at the NFL level, and indicated he’d argue all day with anyone who wanted to disagree.

“Playing quarterback in the National Football League is the toughest job in all of professional sports,” Judge said. “Simply put.”

Jones did a number of outstanding things on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the third-quarter goal line interception being the most egregious miscue.

“You can be aggressive and at the same time make the right decisions,” Judge said. “As a quarterback you can’t be effective in this league if you’re playing cautious. You can’t be effective in this league if you’re playing scared. You have to be aggressive.

“As a coach what you can never do is take away the teeth of your players by pumping the brakes on ‘em ... Everyone is going to make mistakes at certain points, the important thing is not to repeat the mistakes.”

More takeaways

Judge was, of course, asked about Tiki Barber’s criticism of Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley.

“There’s not a player or coach on our team who doesn’t have to improve,” Judge said. “Everyone’s opinion is valid if they’re a fan. We’ve gotta make sure on the inside we understand what we’re doing and that we prioritize what we have to work on. I respect Tiki. Obviously he’s a guy who knows the game, he’s been a great player for this organization.”

On the play of defensive tackle Leonard Williams, who had a sack on Monday.

“This guy’s playing with a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” Judge said. “He’s fun to be around because you can tell he really loves the game.