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Hey, look, it’s a new podcast!

I know you guys just love listening to the sound of my voice on the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast. Well, guess what? Now, you get an extra chance to hear me each week as yours truly has teamed up with Rob ‘Stats’ Guerrera, podcast producer at Niners Nation, on ‘The Look Ahead’ podcast, which will be part of the five day a week SB Nation NFL Show.

‘The Look Ahead’ will air on Thursdays and focus on the games SB Nation readers and listeners tell us, by voting in the SB Nation Reacts polls, they are most interested in each week. We will, of course, break down the Thursday Night Football matchup.

The debut episode is now available. Please give it a listen as Rob and I discuss the Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans season opener. We also spend time on Buccaneers-Saints, Cowboys-Rams and Packers-Vikings.

On the ‘SB Nation NFL Show,’ you will get a different set of hosts each day, with each show having a different focus.

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