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Fan confidence poll: 83 percent of Giants’ fans enter season with confidence

That’s an impressive number considering recent history

New York Giants Training Camp Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The New York Giants have gone 12-36 over the past three seasons, and there is no other way to look at that other than to acknowledge that it is awful.

Still, entering the 2020 season 83 percent of fans who voted in this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey expressed confidence in the team entering a new season. That’s up from 24 percent at the end of a 4-12 2019 season.

The Giants are, of course, starting over. Again. Rookie head coach Joe Judge is the team’s third head coach in five seasons. Daniel Jones is a second-year quarterback. Jason Garrett (offense) and Patrick Graham (defense) are new coordinators. Nine of 10 rookie draft picks made the roster of a team that will be exceptionally young.

There are no big expectations for this team. Most prognosticators put the over/under for victories around 6.5, not an incredibly high bar.

So, 83 percent are confident. Let’s see how quickly and how far that nosedives should the Giants lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night.

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