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And we are live!

Welcome to Coral, our new commenting platform.

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Big Blue View community readers and commenters.

Today, SB Nation is launching a new commenting platform, Coral, on this site. You can try it out below, or on any article here. You may have already seen it if you have visited a handful of other sites that launched it earlier this week.

As the pre-launch article said yesterday, we know it’s missing a few key pieces that might be important to you, and we’re continually evolving and improving it.

Just like when we launched the previous platform, on day one it wasn’t perfect (in fact, almost everyone told us they hated it), and so we’re asking for a little patience as we grow. We’re launching here first to learn what matters most to you, to help us learn and develop the next set of features. We already have a bunch of improvements in the pipeline, which will be released before the season begins. And do keep tell using what you like and what you want to see more of (respectfully, please) – we’re here and we’re listening.

This is part of a big investment in SB Nation communities, and we will continue to evolve the platform over the coming months and years to support you, the best fan communities on the internet.

We’ve written an FAQ to cover most of the common questions about how the system works, and we know you’ll let us know below what you think.

This site is great because you are. Thank you for being here.