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New York Giants news, 8/6: Joe Judge on Markus Golden, Leonard Williams, more

Let’s get to your Thursday headlines

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Good morning, New York Giants fans!

On Wednesday, we covered much of what Giants’ coach Joe Judge said during a noon hour videoconference. In case you missed any of that coverage, here it is:

Here are a few more things that Judge spoke about on Wednesday.

On bringing back Markus Golden ...

“I’m excited Markus is back in the building with us ... Obviously his reputation throughout the league is a very solid one and he was someone we wanted to have on the team. We’re lucky it worked out the way it is.”

On Daniel Jones’ progress ...

“I think the biggest thing he gets to actually work on right now is being out there with the team, calling play in the huddle, breaking the huddle, getting to the line, identifying the defensive front, making any checks on the line of scrimmage and then executing a cadence that everybody can work off of. Just things that may seem so small right there are the fundamentals that you have to start every successful play with.

“So the biggest thing he’s been able to do right now is just be in the group. With a quarterback it’s such a mental game. It’s really the grasping and the understanding.

“If it was somebody second year in the same offense you’d want to see their command of that offense on the field. For Daniel, we have to be fair. This is a new offense, it’s a new system, new scheme for him. He’s had a limited number of walk-throughs without actually being on the field and able to do this. At this point I’m just looking to see his progress day-by-day and not compare him to where he was last year.”

On creating sacks and pressure ...

“I think pressure is the No. 1 thing you have to think about in terms of applying pressure on your opponent, forcing the quarterback into a bad situation. Would you love to go ahead and have a sack every time? Absolutely. But, there is a reason why in the National Football League the all-time record isn’t 50 per year. They’re tough to come by.

“The ultimate thing is making the quarterback operate faster than they want to.”

Judge indicated the Giants will try to apply pressure a number of ways.

“We’re never going to cap ourselves on creativity,” he said. “That’s something that Pat and his staff are going to always look for the best way to match up our opponents. Every opponent is unique and different.”

On signing placekicker Chandler Catanzaro ....

“Chandler has the opportunity to come in here and compete for a job like everybody else. I obviously have some experience in the league with Chandler, I’ve gone against him ... He’s had some very good seasons, had some very good seasons in this state. Chandler is someone I’ve known about for a long time going back to when he came out of Clemson. We’re excited to have him here. He’s going to have the opportunity to go on the field and demonstrate what he’s capable of doing.”

On Leonard Williams’ hamstring injury ...

”He’s working with our trainers, he’s doing everything he possibly can to get on the field as fast as possible. We know he’s doing all the right things. I’m not a doctor. When they tell me he’s cleared to go then we’ll go ahead.”

On team building ...

“It’s important for us to evaluate our roster correctly and then know who’s on the street or on other rosters and evaluate them correctly so if they come available in some way, shape or form we can make the right decisions. ...

“Since I’ve been here we’ve had great synergy in the building. We have a very, very good working relationship across all aspects, personnel, coaching, support staff. We’re making sure we’re all on the same message going forward. We talk on a daily basis about our personnel, we talk on a daily basis about what’s going on around the rest of the league, whether it’s the waiver wire or maybe different calls that have come our way. That’s a natural part of the NFL. There’s a lot of talk about personnel, especially this time of year.

“I think we all have the same vision of where we want to take this team or how we want to make it up and how we want to build it.”

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