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Giants training camp notes: What we learned from assistant coaches today

No toning down the “Chaos,” and a whole lot more

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals
Freddie Kitchens
Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Several of the New York Giants position coaches were available to media for the first time on Thursday, with more of Joe Judge’s coaching staff scheduled to speak via videoconference on Friday. Here is some of what we learned from the five coaches who spoke on Thursday.

Sean Spencer (DL): No toning down the “Chaos”

Known as “Coach Chaos” for the energy he has always brought to practice, Spencer was asked if transitioning from coaching college athletes to professional ones meant he had to tone it down.

“I can’t change, man. I can’t change. I’m coming hard every day,” Spencer said.

Giants’ defensive linemen got their first taste of the Chaos on Wednesday as Phase 2 of training camp began.

“I told ‘em today that wasn’t a one-time thing. It’s going to be like that every day,” Spencer said. “I have to coach like that. When I leave the practice I have to be completely sweaty or I didn’t go a good job.”

As an example, Spencer said during practice he will chase defensive linemen to the ball if no one reaches the quarterback.

Jerry Schuplinski (QB): Giants have “awesome” backups

Schuplinski was asked question after question about Daniel Jones. That was to be expected. This, though, is a year where backup quarterbacks could play a key role. The Giants have three experienced ones, so yours truly asked him about Colt McCoy, Cooper Rush and Alex Tanney. Schuplinski called the trio “awesome.”

“I like these guys. I’m excited about what we have in the room,” Schuplinski said.

“Colt is a good veteran. He’s seen a lot in this league. He understands a lot. Works really hard in the meetings. Pays great attention. Asks really good questions. He’s probably the question-asker of the group, and I don’t know that he’s always asking it for himself but he’s seen things and knows that things might come up, so he’s not afraid to ask the questions.

“Cooper has a lot of experience in our system, but he still comes to work every day and is learning new things and growing.

“Alex, who has been here, really sharp guy mentally. Really understands the game of football.”

Schuplinski said “we’re all learning about each other.”

Freddie Kitchens (TE): “I’m a football coach”

Kitchens has gone from offensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns in 2018 to head coach last year, and after being fired in Cleveland is back to being a position coach. He’s just happy to be coaching.

“I’m a football coach. I don’t get into that kind of thing,” Kitchens said. “I’m here to coach football. I’ve always been a football coach. I’m in charge of my position. Everybody’s in charge of their position. The coordinator do their job.

“It just takes everybody doing their job to be successful, and that’s what we’re going to try to do. I’m here to do a job, and that’s coach the tight ends.”

Kevin Sherrer (ILB): From high school to the NFL

Sherrer’s stint with the Giants is his first in the NFL after stops at Alabama, South Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. He said coming to the NFL “had a lot to do with Joe [Judge],” with whom he has had a relationship dating back 10 or 12 years to when Sherrer was a high school coach.

“He and I are pretty decent friends,” Sherrer said. “As far as the attraction to the NFL, you always want to coach at the highest level. Once he [Judge] got an opportunity he presented that to me. I was really excited.”

Tyke Tolbert (WR): Glad to be back with Giants

Tolbert is a veteran position coach who knows how things work in the NFL. Beginning in 2003, he was with the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos before joining Pat Shurmur’s Giants staff in 2018. He has a personal reason for being thrilled that Judge retained him.

“Very fortunate to be able to stay here with Coach Judge,” Tolbert said. “Very fortunate to not have to move my daughter for her senior year. All those things kind of clicked in and I’m just excited to be here, excited to work with this new coaching staff.”