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Did Dak Prescott just take a shot at Jason Garrett?

Quarterback says Cowboys haven’t “been as smart as we’ve needed to be”

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Dak Prescott never mentioned former coach Jason Garrett by name while speaking to media on Wednesday. Something the Dallas Cowboys quarterback said, though, could be taken as criticism of the current New York Giants’ offensive coordinator.

Prescott was asked about the differences in Dallas with Mike McCarthy as head coach. Here is what he said:

“I think from the offensive line to the receivers out wide, everybody knows why and everybody knows their purpose and everybody knows where they need to be and the whole point of that within the play,” he said. “I think that just gives us all knowledge. We’re somewhat veteran guys, young guys who have played a lot of football early in their careers, but I wouldn’t say that we’ve been as smart as we’ve needed to be within the game of football. I think that’s what these coaches have come and added and just got us all speaking the same language. I think that’s going to be huge.”

Is that a shot at Garrett? Former NFL player Ryan Clark, asked directly by Mike Greenberg if Prescott was taking a shot at Garrett, certainly took it that way.

“If you know anything about offensive football you understand how everyone has to be tied in on the exact same page. To say that something as simple as they have us all speaking the same language, to many people that may not seem like a big deal, but if Dak Prescott isn’t tied in with Aamari Cooper and if the offensive line isn’t all tied in with Dak Prescott and the way that he sets protections then it’s hard to be extremely good offensively.”

Clark termed Prescott’s remark “weird.”

“If you look at this team offensively and the numbers statistically they were every good last year. But, Dak Prescott seems to be saying that now I’m actually learning how to play football. I’m starting to understand the game at a different level and when you’ve been in this league for four years already you expect a quarterback like Dak Prescott, who has had the experience has has as a starter, to understand football.”

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Is this Prescott being critical of Garrett? Or, is it nothing?