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Joe Judge: Giants will hold intra-squad scrimmages

“We’ve just gotta get ‘em out there and let ‘em play.”

Joe Judge
Matthew Swensen/

Without preseason games and with a limited number of padded practices to get his team ready for the 2020 NFL season, the New York Giants will hold intra-squad scrimmages each week during Phase 3 of training camp, which begins on Monday.

The first scrimmage would be held Friday, Aug. 21. in preparation for the scheduled Sept. 14 season opener vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. Judge didn’t say the scrimmages would be each Friday, but that would make sense as players are off on Saturdays.

“That’ll look a whole lot like every high school and college scrimmage in America,” Judge said. “Offense on one sideline, defense on the other. We’ll create situations on the field and let them play live football all the way through. We have to get an opportunity to let our guys play at full speed, let them go out there and experience the game and demonstrate they can operate when coaches aren’t yelling in their ear and trying to make corrections.

“We’ve just gotta get ‘em out there and let ‘em play.”

Wednesday, the official beginning of Phase 2 of training camp for the entire roster, was the first time Judge was able to work with his full roster on the field. The Giants will work in shorts and t-shirts again Thursday, before practicing in shells on Friday and Sunday. Saturday is an off day.

“If you like football you love being on the field with the players. That’s the fun part,” Judge said. “Today being the first true experience of having everybody on the field together ... just a great opportunity to be out there with the guys. They get a feel for us, we get a feel for them ... practice is what the day’s all about.”

What happened with Ross Cockrell?

Judge deflected questions about why negotiations about joining the team with veteran cornerback Ross Cockrell broke off, saying GM Dave Gettleman, Assistant GM Kevin Abrams and Cockrell’s representatives would be better suited to answer that.

“We talk to several players. It doesn’t always work out when you’re doing negotiations,” Judge said.

Will the Giants continue searching for a veteran cornerback to add to James Bradberry and their mix of young, unproven players?

“Our priority is just to develop the players we have on the roster and look for any talent available on the street,” Judge said. “I don’t care if it’s a first-year player or a 10th-year player. We’re looking for good players to help build this program.

“Is it a priority to have a veteran? No, it’s not.”