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The Chris and Joe Show: Mailbag 7/24 - Pass defense, the Williams trade, the Giants’ ceiling, and more

Answering your questions of the week

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NFL Combine - Day 2

Players are beginning to report to NFL training camps, such as they are at the moment, which means that we’re going to start getting actual New York Giants news over the coming days.

To celebrate, the Chris and Joe Show is opening the mailbag back up as we start to get back into the swing of the weekly football schedule. We got some great questions from our listeners this week — so many, in fact, that we couldn’t get to them all.

So without further ado, let’s get to those questions

In this podcast

  • What will the giants do to stop those big yard pass plays that killed us all last yr. Will the new players be the answer?
  • Lets have fun! Play GM. You had an article about a week ago going over who was still around if the Giants never traded away their draft picks for Leonard Williams . So lets say they didn’t make the trade. Based on how the Giants drafted, who would you have taken at that spot? (Pick 68 round 3)
  • What is the ceiling for this team? Can their offense be a top half of the league offense?
  • what do you guys think Odell Beckham Jr.‘s legacy with the Giants will be? Will he be considered a great Giant?
  • The center is such a critical position on that line. Do you think Gates or Lemieux having the time to learn the position before the start of the season or will they go with a vet like Halapio or Pulley?
  • I have concerns about the limited time players will have to prepare for the season. How do you see the shorten offseason impacting the rookies and UDFA players?
  • Few UDFAs except one of the WRs or Murph
  • Do you see B.J. Hill and RJ McIntosh making big contributions this year or could either be in danger of not making the roster?

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