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Tweets of the Week: What the Giants were saying on social media

The latest Twitter and Instagram chatter by current and former Giants

Players past and present on the New York Giants always seem to have something to say on social media, and sometimes it slips by us. In this feature we’ll keep you updated with the latest chatter by the players.

Here we go, Giants fans!

WR Sterling Shepard, RB Saquon Barkley talking stairs.

The Giants rookies are reporting for duty. Here’s LB Carter Coughlin;

CB Rashaan Gaulden was all about Liverpool capturing the Premier League trophy.

WR Alex Bachman looking jacked ahead of training camp.

Rookie CB Darnay Holmes meets Saquon.

WR Golden Tate using that Costco membership to perfection.

Definitely took me a minute to find those three hidden emojis.

DT Dexter Lawrence II’s workout: does it look fun or unfun? We can’t decide.